A Diary?

This year promises to be exciting so this week I tried to buy a diary. One of those day-to-a-page affairs for scribbling down all the things I’ve seen and learned about. I thought they might be cheap now the calendar is turning to February. No such luck. There were a few week-to-view diaries going for half price in Waterstones but nothing suitable for my needs. I have lots of Field Notes notebooks if my urge to write gets too much to resist.

Meanwhile, I also have this blog. It requires more self-censorship but that’s not a bad thing. When I read my old diaries I always wince at how catty I am! Even if the cattiness was justified, I prefer the outward-looking view of my blog exploits. It’s better not to commit your sassy put-downs to the ages. Less navel-gazing and more action is always my new year’s resolution, but I feel like 2018 could be one of those years when I pull it off.

As I am wont to do I have changed the blog’s theme again. I’ve made a few minor cosmetic changes and enhancements on top of Diana Mounter’s excellent Athena theme. They are mostly tweaks to accommodate Jekyll features I have learned to love while using other themes. A few posts and pages may be broken for now, but I promise to fix them. Many posts with images no longer have images but this will be a short-lived state of affairs.

So the new year begins here. In two weeks I am off to Australia. As I said: very exciting!

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