Any sugar?

On giving up alcohol and (some) sugar for (some of) January.

Posted in Life Experiences on Friday, February 2nd 2018.

Not being much of a drinker, I've never felt the need to do dry January. Also Ingrid and I sat in a restaurant in Barcelona on January 2nd drinking for the third night in row. We hadn't got off to that great a start. Well today marks the completion of a dry month: dry January with a two day lag.

I also (mostly) managed to keep to my other goal of eliminating sugar from my tea and coffee. This meant I cut out at least three teaspoons of sugar a day for a month. I can't say it was easy. For a while I compensated by hoovering up the post-Christmas chocolates. Then came a period of the blues, though that was probably just confirmation bias. They don't call the third Monday of January "blue Monday" for nothing.

But after a few weeks I found myself enjoying cups of tea and coffee without sugar. My mood improved, which had nothing to do with a couple of sunny days and/or the release of new Civ VI DLC1. Now I am looking for the next small modification I can make. I think it has to be related to sleep. I am reading "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker and every sentence feels like a denouncement of my current habits. I'm a terrible sleeper and I need to get better at that. Perhaps one for when the post-Australia jetlag is over?

  1. All the DLC comes out for Macs much later than on PC and at unspecified times. It's the gaming equivalent of "Waiting for Godot".