Drawing a line on the page

Ingrid has joined an online drawing class. She sits there on Teams getting feedback on her drawings, while I sit there attempting to absorb everything. I’m also learning by doing, by making a line on the page. In some ways, it’s instructive to observe the difference in what we learn with and without the feedback.

We bought some drawing materials and nice notepads. But to be honest, I still haven’t made room in my day to draw regularly. This is a shame because you do have do these things regularly in order to develop the skill.

And I definitely need to develop the skill. It is amazing how soon the confused wanderings of my pencil deviate from the scene I am trying hard (oh so hard) to keep in my mind. Drawing gives you a good set of techniques/skills for chunking down large problems into smaller ones, though sometimes the results make you wish you hadn’t!

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