Happy New Year 2015!

Just a brief message to wish everyone a happy new year. Getting my flat connected to the internet continues to be a trial so it’s still not as easy to post as I would like. However, I have some workarounds now and I hope to write (and post) more often from now on.

Like everyone I make resolutions at this time of year, though as the years pass I realise that the best resolutions are to apopt a new way of being rather than a new way of doing. I find it quite difficult to “change” myself by willpower alone. I think this is true of most people. Travelling taught me that it’s better to evolve. I just do one little thing differently and then try to notice the benefits as they accrue. As you become are of how you are changing it gets easier and you can shift your focus to doing another little thing a bit differently, a bit better. At least that’s the theory.

Then of course, there’s the arbitraryness of the date. Why January 1? Why not June 17? At least if you were to pledge to run more on June 17 it would (probably) be better weather for it. Sure if you can adopt better habits now while it is cold and the days are short then more power to you, but I find I am more likely to fail if I make things tough for myself.

So I’ve set a reminder on my phone to sort out my “new year’s” resolutions on June 17. Feel free to join me. It’s for the big stuff, the really big changes: the weights, the runs, the (shudder!) vegan diet. It’s arbitrary mind you - I haven’t even checked whether it falls on a friend’s birthday yet (awkward!) - and subject to change at short notice. In the mean time, I’ll just try to change a little bit at a time - starting by showing my face on here more often.

Let me finish by wishing you a happy and prosperous new year. Whatever your ambitions and dreams are, I hope you are closing to achieving them by the end of this year. Good luck!

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