I went to a pub quiz tonight

Ingrid and I joined our usual quiz team tonight for the residents’ association pub quiz. As usual we came third. It’s a fairly settled group of attendees and we know our level. We’re also quite used to the quiz master and his questions, though I do wish he’d acknowledge that pop music continued to be a thing long after the sixties!

There’s always a pot luck round. On one round we get to play a joker which doubles your points. I normally joke that we should play our joker on pot luck. The idea of countering the randomness of the round by getting double points appeals to me. I think we got a full house on pot luck this month, but we had not played our joker! (EDIT: I’m informed by Ingrid that we actually got 20/20 on a food and drink round called ‘Five a day’.)

Anyway, it was a nice evening out, and nice to raise a bit of money for charity too.

· Quiz, Chichester, Pot Luck, Twenty Two

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