Jab 1

I had my first Covid-19 vaccination on Friday. Leading up to it, I was borderline having a panic attack. From about lunchtime I was just all over the shop (the jab was at 7pm). I’m glad that the vaccination centres run with such exactitude, but also with a sense of cheeriness. By the time I’d had the jab, I was feeling much better just from the sheer relief of it.

That said, Saturday was pretty horrible. When they say there are side effects, they are not mucking around. I hadn’t felt so bad in quite a time, flu symptoms is a good rule of thumb for what I experienced. It lasted about 12-18 hours.

But I was fine the next day, just that big ramp up of making antibodies, I guess. And it makes me feel a positive about the future. I can still get Covid-19, so I can’t rush out back into the world, but you can bet that I will be as soon as I’m in line with what’s safe. Now I want to get a bit fitter both mentally and physically, and get on with life. I hope you are all also on the path to the same.

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