Jab 2

I was due to have my second vaccination today, but like most people I rebooked to have it a bit earlier. No real side effects this time, save for a bit of malaise. Though that may have just been the thought of opening up the country when cases are still increasing quickly.

It goes without saying that I’d urge everyone to get vaccinated and then to keep turning up for whatever boosters the people protecting us (e.g. JCVI, not the government) recommend in future. It seems like we aren’t out of the woods yet, though the vaccination program appears to have had a decent impact on hospitalisation rates.

When the rates fall again, I look forward to going out for more walks and longer walks. Perhaps one day I might also see the inside of an art gallery again!

I hope you are safe wherever you are. If you need a hand with anything or a friendly face to chat to on Zoom, please get in touch.

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