Learn X in Y Minutes

A good way to bootstrap learning a new programming language

Posted in Programming on Wednesday, June 3rd 2015.

I found "Learn X in Y minutes" (www.learnxinyminutes.com) while researching the programming languages needed for a new project. The site aims to help people who know at least one programming language to learn others by proving a quick run through of the main language features. It's not quite enough to get you up and running. After all, having sample code doesn't get you the compiler. However, it's a nice start that shows you how similar (and different) language X is compared to the one(s) you already know.

If you're interested, I've been looking at Java and Scala. I will explain more about why in a few weeks' time.

Featured image is "x y z" by Chris Barber (creative commons license). The image was cropped slightly to fit my WordPress theme.