October and November 2014

I recently started a new job and moved in to a new flat. This means I’m too busy to write any long blog posts at the moment. Also I’m still not quite at home there, so I tend to spend my evenings tidying up or setting up new things. It’s a shame because I have plenty of things to write about (even without observations on moving, starting a new job, etc) but I guess the writing will happen eventually…

What’s funny is that October and November are usually purple patches for my writing. My archives tend to look a little thin in Decembers due to the demands of the season, and some years I publish short stories during advent and then delete them after Twelfth Night. I’m not sure I have enough material for an advent calendar this year but if I get enough time to think about it, I will certainly try to come up with something. Otherwise, I can fill out the blog with all the posts that built up while I didn’t write.

Life is an adventure at the moment. It has been for over a year. I got myself away from a toxic job and from people who were doing me no good. I’ve reconnected with my family, made new friends, and now have a new career path to explore. Starting again has its frustrations for sure, but for the moment I can say for certain that I am happy. It is a good feeling.

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