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3 minute read

Another Ballard novel, this time it’s the car wreck sex-o-rama that is “Crash”.

Album Digest January 2011

12 minute read

Albums by The Decemberists, Iron & Wine, Joan As Policewoman, British Sea Power, and The Phoenix Foundation.

In Defence Of Tolerance

3 minute read

Why do we have to keep explaining this shit to supposedly intelligent people?

Tales From Home

4 minute read

Some Christmas stories and some photos of waxwings that my Dad snapped earlier in December.

The Setback

9 minute read

Since the run there has been a bit of a hiatus in this blog. I wrote about how running was making me feel better. In fact, I should have said more. I recentl...

Movember 10K

2 minute read

Me and my mo’ went for a run!

The Crystal World

5 minute read

Another Ballard novel, this time we’re off to a jungle that’s rapidly turning into Crystal. But why? Because it’s Ballard, that’s why.