Heads down for MSc Economics revision!

Posted in Life Experiences on Sunday, January 24th 2016.

Since Christmas I have been revising for my MSc exams. (I'm doing a part-time MSc in Health Economics at the University of Surrey.) The course is part-time, so I only have two exams. I think this might be one of the reasons I feel more relaxed about revision this time around. Either that or I'm just too old to worry about failing and I just try to get on with getting the best score I can.

I already have an MSc and because I'm doing this one for work I thought I would take a casual approach. But it turns out I'm a bit of a perfectionist: now that I'm on the course I just want to do it the best I can. Whether I'm succeeding in that I'm not so sure: an essay I had to write over Christmas ended up being fairly ropy. But that ambition to do well has put aside some of my fear of failure, and experience has done away with most of my imposter syndrome.

Revision presents two main problems in my life at the moment. One is getting everything done at work. I'm lucky enough to have cleared my schedule for a couple of weeks of revision but I'm sure reading week will end up crammed with work catch-up. At times I've felt a bit guilty about prioritising abstract microeconomics over real-world business but I also know that in the long run the dots will join up, and I'll be better at the day job because of it all.

The second thing is no blog posts! Grr! And that might continue for a time yet. Last semester's courses ate up a lot of time for blogging, mostly by making me too tired to write once I got home. That said, as I alluded to recently, there's a long post coming that is now mostly written. I hope that I will sort that out in my reading week too.

Cover image is "Revision notes" by Jennie (creative commons license, no changes made).