South America

South America Trip Part 12

7 minute read

The next part of the South American Trip took me through three countries in under a week: from Tupiza in Bolivia, to Salta in Argentina, and then on to San P...

South America Trip Part 11

6 minute read

The next stretch of my South American journey took me from La Paz to Potosi

South America Trip Part 9

10 minute read

From Cuzco to Ollantaytambo, along the Inca Trail to glorious Machu Picchu!

South America Trip Part 7

7 minute read

Next up was a piecemeal section of the trip that took in quite a varied set of sights and helped us get to know the new passengers who joined in Lima. On the...

South America Trip Part 6

5 minute read

Part 6 of the South American adventure. Still in Peru, including Huanchaco, Chan Chan, and the capital Lima.

South America Trip Part 5

1 minute read

Our first few days in Peru involved some rest and relaxation at a beach resort in Punta Sal.

South America Trip Part 3

2 minute read

We left Misahualli for Banos via an hour in nearby Tena to get something for the truck fixed. After that the drive to Banos was pretty short - or at least it...

Grumble grumble

2 minute read

Instead of feeling the gratitude and excitement I’ve felt since being here, I’ve spent a lot of time wanting to curl up in the corner and just be… well… some...

South America Trip Part 2

7 minute read

Further into Ecuador and over the Andes, to the point where we are just touching the Amazon jungle. Features an encounter with a tarantula.