The Garden

Today, we transferred our Christmas tree to a new pot. Being root-bound as the tree was, it took ages to get it out of the crappy pot from the store and into the new, bigger pot. And I’m pretty sure it’s a bit wonky, which might make the baubles a bit lopsided next Christmas. It looks excellent next to the new bird bath.

Nonetheless, it was nice to get another plant into a pot with the hope of keeping it around. Currently, our garden is mostly bulbs erupting from pots. We covered what used to be the lawn in plastic sheeting last December to kill off the grass (and more importantly, the weeds). We had a look underneath it all last weekend, and it’s doing the job. It should be possible to continue the next phase of redoing the garden in March (depending on the weather). But it does mean that plant life is currently pot-bound, except for the shed-hugging Jasmine that Ingrid brought back to life a couple of years ago.

I am not at all sure what I want to be in the garden. I’ve never had much opinion on what to put in gardens. It’s probably the biggest space I’ve ever had access to, and I own it rather than rent it. That’s exciting. But it’s a bit overlooked, and various of our neighbours are inconsiderate with the various forms of smoke they generate in their gardens. Bonfires. Cigarettes. Wacky baccy. So, I’m a bit paranoid that attempting to make the garden into a safe and enjoyable space will make me aware of other people encroaching on it. I’m literally a nimby now, and I don’t like it!

But it would be nice to have a space outside to read a book or listen to music in. But as for plants and other things, that’s a different ball game!

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