Three Years

Three years ago today I moved in to my little flat in Chichester, soon to start a new job. I had no money left but at least, after a character building stint of six months sleeping on the floor, I had a bed. In the intervening three years, my job role has expanded, I’ve done another degree, the flat has become a home, and I’ve met and married Ingrid. Add to that the fact that it’s almost four years since I left for South America and I start to realise that I’ve done a crazy amount of things in that time. I don’t intend to stop.

There are all sorts of things to be grateful for. Friends and family, the works of great artists, and the joys of nature. I think of seeing geysers and waterfalls in Iceland, but also of watching Blackbirds protecting a fallen chick from a predatory cat in the neighbour’s garden. Sometimes I get a bit giddy just from studying one of our little cacti!

There are also all sorts of things left to do. I think of upcoming challenges and I realise that if I can do so much in that space of time, then they won’t really be much to worry about. I realise that the world has gotten darker and stranger too, but here at home with the lights on the night can be held at bay.

As time moves on, I look forward to everything that’s coming and will try to face things as I always do: with curiosity, excitement and the hope that one day I will be able to write about it. I hope that the next three years are as awesome as these have been, that all these little moments continue to snowball together in this wonderful experience of living. Health and happiness to you all!

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